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Controlling Rotation and Safety at Height 
Trampoline Park Supervisor course

1 day course (9.30am - 3.30pm)

£29.99 per candidate/ £249.99 group of 10 candidates

  • This course is designed to increase your knowledge of potential injuries and what to do, and what you should do if you ever feel there is an unsafe situation occurring. 

  • This course is not to show you how to coach the sport of trampolining, but instead to ensure you do your best to prevent the occurrence of an accident whilst you are supervising. Inherent dangers of the sport are magnified exponentially when participants are not paying attention. 

  • The course is also designed to show you how to keep the person safe in the event of an accident without putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

  • Basic first aid on the trampoline – this is not a first aid course. You should have completed first aid basic training prior to this course. This course will teach you how to adapt first aid in a trampolining environment.

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